Warm Oklahoma Winter

Warm OK WinterFour days ago, I published my 17th book, “Warm Oklahoma Winter.” This may well be my very favorite of all the books I’ve written. A lesbian historical romance, this is my first foray into writing a story that takes place in the past. I’ve loved writing all my books, but I particularly enjoyed writing this one!

It takes place in 1896, a few years after the Cherokee Land Rush. Minnie, an orphan from the slums of New York City, is placed on the Orphan Train, a real train that brought children west from eastern cities from 1854 to 1929, to find families to adopt them.

She winds up in Perry, Oklahoma, as does Grace, a young, married woman with a young son, Isaac. This is their story.

This is a love story that I relished writing because of all the historical detail I found in doing research for this book. I’ve always loved history. I was born in Oklahoma, and my own grandfather participated in the Cherokee Land Rush, so it is a subject near and dear to me, personally.

I hope you enjoy reading this book at least half as much as I did in getting it down on paper. Let me know what you think.


Judy Folger – Amazon Author Page


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