How Much Can We Ask

My newest short short story, “How Much Can We Ask,” will be published around September 1st.

This is my first time publishing such a violent tale, but I believe this story about LGBT civil rights is an important one, and all too frequently we allow the violence of today to numb us to the point that significant messages are lost in the chaos.

I hope you do enjoy this story, despite its tragic ending and necessary violence to convey the theme.

This fall I will publish a novella featuring the feel-good love theme my regular readers always anticipate and enjoy.

Hope you all are enjoying these last few days of summer.


How Much Can We Ask Twitter Card


Short Story #3

As summer begins its slow draw to a close, I am preparing my third short story for publishing around September 1st. This is another very short story which provides a very fast read.

“How Much Can We Ask” is a story built around a stronger theme than I usually write about.  Unlike my normal happy endings, this one provides food for thought on the subject of violence in the fight for civil rights.

I am thoroughly enjoying sharing these stories with you!

Let me know what you think.