A Christmas Story Stand-Alone #1

My short story, A Christmas Homecoming, is ready for publishing around the 1st of November. I have already published this one, and others, in Lesbian Yuletide Love Stories, but I am attempting to give each story more exposure by publishing them individually.

I will publish one in November and one in December for the next three winters.

I am really enjoying the cool weather…the crispness in the air, the scent of smoke…I will break out the hot chocolate before long, but right now I am still awaiting the first freeze.

November will bring new and welcomed tasks. I now have 20 novellas and three new short stories published. I have one more novella to write this year, which will bring my total of novellas waiting to be edited and published to 12.

Incidentally, you can find me on both Facebook and Twitter. Leave me a message, and I will respond.

Have a lovely end of October,




A Christmas Homecoming

I am re-releasing each of my Christmas-themed short stories individually, beginning with next month. All six were originally published in Lesbian Yuletide Love Stories: six from me, and six from Debra Stang.

So, in November I will release the individually published short story, A Christmas Homecoming, followed by another one in December. Next year, I will release two in the same time period, and then the following year I will release the last two.

A Christmas Homecoming, as you can deduce from the title, is a heartwarming story about reunions and making the best of things.

I love this time of year, with the beautiful memories it evokes, and the chill in the air that hints at many cups of hot chocolate and comfortable conversations.

Enjoy the rest of October.



Welcome The Passionate Librarian

My newest novella, “The Passionate Librarian,” was published today. As it happens, this is my 20th published novella, so I am especially excited about this one.

Jodi, who is between jobs, finds herself hanging out at the library most days. To her delight, she is befriended by Emily, the luscious librarian.

This story takes many turns, and I am sure you will enjoy every one of them.

Finally, it is fall, my favorite time of year. Soon, the hot chocolate and truly cool weather will be upon us. I am thankful that football season is here, again! Have a wonderful autumn as the leaves begin to change.