My Conquest

My Conquest is my 7th short story (besides the six Christmas stories, that is!) and it’s a bit different from my others.

With all my other stories, the focus is mostly on the characters, and the situation they are in. With this story, I chose a more unique setting (from my own writing) in that everything takes place in Europe.

I am generally more comfortable with my stories taking place in the United States, whether they be short stories or novellas. But this story was inspired by another, separate tale, shared with me by my cousin, who had toured Europe many years ago.

After reviewing her adventures, I realized the the setting would make an excellent background for my story, and that’s how it all started. You can access the link for My Conquest here.

We are certainly in the throes of summer, now! I prefer the warm days to the cold, but I do think that the hot days could be a little less hot! I do enjoy the products of summer, however, especially watermelon and corn on the cob.

I hope you all have a wonderful and safe summer.