Welcome “An Officer and Her Lady”

I am pleased to have published An Officer and Her Lady, my newest novella. A police officer, Tara Watkins, discovers a young woman, Courtney Marie Daniels, in need of assistance, and years later, her good deed is returned. You can find it here.

I love all my books, naturally. But this is one that has really been a joy to write. It’s the last one I wrote before I fell ill, and so I have been particularly keen to get it published.

My last novella, Age is Just a Number, had an unfortunate hiccup when it was first published: the wrong version (without the last part of the story!) was put out first. The correct version was published right away, and so if you read one of the mysterious first drafts, just delete that copy and download the book again, and the problem should be corrected. If not, then Amazon will be able to help you find the right copy.

I will publish another short story next month, and I am now working on the next. I do have the beginning of my next novella, and plan to publish that in May.

Spring is coming! I’ve already seen the signs: fewer Canadian geese, and many more robins. The weather is already warmer, and I am looking forward to it warming more yet!

Enjoy An Officer and Her Lady, and let me know what you think.



One thought on “Welcome “An Officer and Her Lady”

  1. We do, as authors, love all our stories, but some take on special meaning. How exciting that An Officer and Her Lady was one of those creative experiences for you, Judy! Good luck with the book!


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