Welcome “Not Just a Girl”

Somehow, this year is flowing by awfully quickly, and here it is June, almost July! 2018 is nearly half over, and I still have a number of projects I want to finish….

I am pleased to share with you my newest novella, Not Just a Girl. It was very cathartic to write this book, as several points are echoes of my own life. Royal is an earnest mother and wife, who intended doing many other things with her life before she became bogged down with the mundane things that always seem to come out of day-to-day living. We make our choices, and then we must live with them…until we make other choices, anyway.

My 8th short story, Mistaken Identity, has stayed in the #1 spot on the LGBT short story list (pages 1-11) for weeks, now, which leaves me feeling both bewildered and grateful. Apparently, I have come up with a very enticing title….

Finally, I have just about finished the sequel to An Officer and Her Lady. I have enjoyed this extra time with Tara and Courtney. I really don’t care for writing sequels as a rule, as I have so many other stories and characters to write about. But An Officer and Her Lady was so popular, I thought I’d break the rule just this once (I haven’t written a sequel since my first year of writing) and if the sequel proves to be as popular, I may have just enough material for a third book. But we’ll see what happens.

I hope you all are enjoying this lovely summer, as much as I am…thank you so much for reading my books!



One thought on “Welcome “Not Just a Girl”

  1. Congratulations, Judy! You know, nowadays it’s no longer common practice to tell one really good story; books and movies are planned in advance as trilogies or ongoing series or what have you. I think a much better approach is to focus on a single standalone narrative, and if, down the road, those characters call out for a subsequent adventure, so be it. That’s the way I write my own fiction.


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