A Christmas Homecoming

I am re-releasing each of my Christmas-themed short stories individually, beginning with next month. All six were originally published in Lesbian Yuletide Love Stories: six from me, and six from Debra Stang.

So, in November I will release the individually published short story, A Christmas Homecoming, followed by another one in December. Next year, I will release two in the same time period, and then the following year I will release the last two.

A Christmas Homecoming, as you can deduce from the title, is a heartwarming story about reunions and making the best of things.

I love this time of year, with the beautiful memories it evokes, and the chill in the air that hints at many cups of hot chocolate and comfortable conversations.

Enjoy the rest of October.




Warm Oklahoma Winter

Warm OK WinterFour days ago, I published my 17th book, “Warm Oklahoma Winter.” This may well be my very favorite of all the books I’ve written. A lesbian historical romance, this is my first foray into writing a story that takes place in the past. I’ve loved writing all my books, but I particularly enjoyed writing this one!

It takes place in 1896, a few years after the Cherokee Land Rush. Minnie, an orphan from the slums of New York City, is placed on the Orphan Train, a real train that brought children west from eastern cities from 1854 to 1929, to find families to adopt them.

She winds up in Perry, Oklahoma, as does Grace, a young, married woman with a young son, Isaac. This is their story.

This is a love story that I relished writing because of all the historical detail I found in doing research for this book. I’ve always loved history. I was born in Oklahoma, and my own grandfather participated in the Cherokee Land Rush, so it is a subject near and dear to me, personally.

I hope you enjoy reading this book at least half as much as I did in getting it down on paper. Let me know what you think.


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