Welcome Angel’s Love

I am happy to announce the publishing of my newest book, Angel’s Love.

This touches on a number of interesting topics, including angels, coincidence, and of course, romance.

When Angel and Jade meet, they feel an instant connection. But both reject it at first. But as they continue to connect in a series of unexpected coincidences…is it truly coincidence? Or something else?

I got the inspiration for this book when two seemingly ordinary but ultimately fairly significant things happened in my life: first, I had an angel portrait done just for the experience of it; and second, I had an unexpected connection with an individual.

These two occurrences jump-started my imagination. The result is this book.

Have you had any similar experiences? Let me know.


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Angel’s Love

My newest book, to be published around the 1st of August, will be entitled Angel’s Love.

This is on a topic I have found fascinating for some time: Angels. Do they walk among us? Do they influence our lives? If so, couldn’t they then possibly influence relationships?

The two main characters in this novella, Jade and Angel, have some major obstacles ahead if they are ever to get together. But why do they keep running into each other under the most bizarre circumstances? Is there such a thing as too many coincidences?

I will be releasing the cover in my next post. Happy reading!