Welcome “Age is Just a Number”

I am so pleased to announce Age is Just a Number, my 25th published novella! I never thought I could publish even one of my stories…I certainly never envisioned 25!

Age is Just a Number focuses on the difference in age between the two protagonists, Dane and Miranda. But it isn’t the only challenge these two face. I have been patiently waiting for the time to be right to publish this story…three months past its intended release date! I really like this novella, and I’m sure you will, too. You may find it here.

I will also publish a stand-alone Christmas short story both later this month, and then again in December. Both have been published before in Lesbian Yuletide Christmas Stories, but they are getting a fresh start released as single short stories.

I must apologize for my long silence…after such a wonderful string of publishing something every month, I suddenly fell silent, and I’m sure some of you must have wondered what was going on! The truth is I have been battling ill health for the last few months as the doctors worked out exactly what was wrong with me. But now my path to being well again is underway! I already feel much better and have a sense of renewed energy, and I look forward to publishing more novellas and short stories in the new year.

I hope you are all enjoying this beautiful fall season…the leaves have already turned and most have blown away, but I have been enjoying the lights that are already going up around me, as well as the cups of hot chocolate that always seem to coincide with the cold weather!

To my American and Canadian readers, Happy Thanksgiving! To the rest of the world, I will wish you a very happy autumn.



My Conquest

My Conquest is my 7th short story (besides the six Christmas stories, that is!) and it’s a bit different from my others.

With all my other stories, the focus is mostly on the characters, and the situation they are in. With this story, I chose a more unique setting (from my own writing) in that everything takes place in Europe.

I am generally more comfortable with my stories taking place in the United States, whether they be short stories or novellas. But this story was inspired by another, separate tale, shared with me by my cousin, who had toured Europe many years ago.

After reviewing her adventures, I realized the the setting would make an excellent background for my story, and that’s how it all started. You can access the link for My Conquest here.

We are certainly in the throes of summer, now! I prefer the warm days to the cold, but I do think that the hot days could be a little less hot! I do enjoy the products of summer, however, especially watermelon and corn on the cob.

I hope you all have a wonderful and safe summer.


Welcome Room For Love

I am happy to announce the publication of my 24th novella, Room For Love, in both e-book and paperback.

Room For Love is the story of two women, Roni and Ingrid, who start out at very different points, but wind ever closer as their tale develops. It is a sweet story that contains a harrowing chapter as the characters deal with a deadly hurricane.

I hope you enjoy this book, along with my other previously published tales.

I will have a special offer available in honor of my 25th novella, to be published in August. Stay tuned for more information on that!

The days are warming up beautifully as we head into summer. I always look forward to these days, as I prefer the warmth to the cold.




Interrupted Romance

My sixth published lesbian romance short story focuses on Sharon and Lucretia, two women who are dating, but who run into something of a snag when a former lover shows up.

I won’t give more than that away, as it is a short story, but I am eager to share this new tale with you. I hope you enjoy it. You can find it on Amazon here

My 24th novella, Room For Love, is being edited at this time, and will be published the first week of June.

Then, in July, I’ll have another short story for you. This one takes place in London.

This summer is shaping up to be very busy! I am glad the warm weather has returned…after a very rainy April, I appreciate the sunshine in May even more so.

Have a wonderful month of May, and I’ll see you in June!


Welcome Unselfish Hearts

I am pleased to announce the publication of my 23rd novella, Unselfish Hearts, available in both ebook and paperback.

This is the story of Raven and Ellie.

Raven is in a failing marriage to Sloan, who focuses completely on her profession and whatever means necessary to further her trade, including indulging in business-related affairs.  Raven just tries to keep her young daughter, Jeanne, safe and happy.

Ellie is recovering from a severe injury, and has just returned from a stint in rehab for prescription medication abuse. She wishes for love and a family of her own, but isn’t quite sure how to get them.

I love writing Happily-Ever-Afters, and this book is no exception to that, so Raven and Ellie do eventually get together. But there are a number of bridges to cross before they can pursue anything beyond a single night, together.

I do hope your spring is lovely, wherever you are.

You can find Unselfish Hearts on Amazon here



Friendship Lost

As it is now March, the trees are beginning to bud, but haven’t quite burst into flower, yet. Spring is nearly here, though, which means new life and new tales to tell.

My fifth short story, Friendship Lost, is a short short about two women who meet for lunch every week. However, as soon as they are seated, one friend is immediately aware of the other’s anger. She doesn’t know it yet, but their friendship is already over. Look for this and my other titles on Amazon.


I hope you enjoy this story. I am so pleased to finally publish all of these. Once each short story has been released, I will publish them all under one title, likely in 2018.

Meanwhile, my next novella is being edited for publication the first week of April, and I am busy writing the next one after that, to be published in early June.

Enjoy our wonderful Spring!


Welcome Picture of Love

I am pleased to announce the publication of my newest novella, Picture of Love, available now in ebook or paperback!

All of my most recent publications (published in 2016 or 2017) are now in paperback as well as ebook form, which is super exciting!

Picture of Love features Royce and Carmen, who feel deep mutual attraction at first glance. Through a series of major misunderstandings, however, it appears the twosome will never get together. Then a development threatens to separate them forever. Photography features heavily in this love story, which is where I got the title.


You can find Picture of Love on Amazon here.

At the end of this month, I will be publishing my fifth short story. More about that in my next post. I also just finished my next novella. Once it is edited, it will be published in early April. It seems 2017 just got here, and already things are as busy as they were in 2016!

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.